Friday, August 19, 2016

The Show Must Go On

Life around here is never dull.  A couple of weeks ago while working on our pool, Willy slipped and fell on his shoulder.  Afraid that he might have broken his collar bone, we got ready and took him on the the doctor.  X-rays showed no break, but he had slightly dislocated his clavicle joint.  With back surgery already scheduled for this week, we knew that a broken collar bone would probably have caused the surgery to be postponed.  Meanwhile with all the weather we have been having, my allergies and subsequently asthma started acting up.  Any of you who own chickens or any other farm animals know that no matter what - the show must go on!  With both Willy and I down, the farm duties all fell to Tristan (our youngest kiddo).  Without a complaint, he took over the chores of feeding, watering, releasing and putting up the almost 400 birds we have here on our little farm.  He has literally saved us this week.  During this time, we have also had numerous hatches which means extra work for him.

You never know for sure if the things you've taught your children actually "soak in" until a time comes when you need them.  We are proud of all of our kids, but lately we have had to lean heavily on Tristan and he has NOT disappointed!  On behalf of all of our birds, I want to take this opportunity to tell our son how amazed we are by him and the way he has stepped up when we needed him.   Thanks Tristan!  Without you, the show might not have gone on this week!

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