Sunday, August 21, 2016

Getting My Ducks in a Row

Many times in my life I've been told that I needed to get my "Ducks in a Row".  We added Silver Appleyard ducks to the farm last November and they are very smart as a breed. Each morning, my husband goes down to the barn area and turns our birds loose.  They all have areas that they can roam in to catch bugs, worms and eat grass.  To get to the large corral where the ducks are allowed to roam, they have to navigate through two gates which my husband opens for them each morning.  He closes these gates behind them so other birds are kept in their areas.  He then lets the ducklings out of their crib into the duck pen so that they too may "roam" a little.  Everyone has food and water at their disposal.

As the day winds down, we catch a couple of the ducklings and put them in their crib.  Then all we have to do is get the other ducks in a row and herd them towards ramp for their crib.  Instinctively one or two will take the lead and go up the ramp and into the crib with the rest of the little ones following in single file.  Then we can close them in for the night for their safety.

It's much the same process with the older ducks.  Usually around dusk they will come to the first gate and wait to be let through to their pen.  Occasionally we need to put them in the pen a little early.  This requires that one of us stays to open gates and the other one goes out into the corral and gathers the ducks by walking around behind the group and heading them for the gates.  Normally, one or two lead the way and the others then follow them to the pen.  Now I completely understand what I've been told all my life.  Everything works better when you get your "ducks in a row"!

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