Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Never a Dull Moment

While our son has been in the hospital, my poor husband has literally had the weight of our world on his shoulders.  He has not only spent as much time with us at the hospital as possible, but he has also run errands for us, brought us food, AND cared for all of our birds.  Have I mentioned we have nearly 400 birds total?

Each day I gave him Tristan Updates (we came home late last night finally), and he gave me Chicken Updates!  We had 22 Silkies due to hatch the day after Tristan was admitted to the hospital.  We keep new babies in ten gallon aquariums with tops made of hardware cloth so that we can maintain the appropriate temperatures.  We currently have three of these full and a large one that he built.  My husband is very serious about our chicks and chickens having the best possible care!

He would occasionally call or text me about something funny a certain bird had done.  For instance, our broody cochin hens (who had no eggs of their own) have begun hatching the guinea eggs they were given to hatch.  It is funny that neither they nor the guinea keets seem to notice the difference.

The next day, one little Serama hen and her two chicks were let out to range.  Come nightfall, they were no where to be found.  He looked and looked and could not find them.  Our only hope was that they found a place to roost and went to roost.  Yesterday he called to say he had found them.  They went to roost with our silkies and were apparently UNDER the silkies when he checked!  All were well.

We had baby ducklings in the duck crib.  He let them out with the juvenile ducklings to roam around in the pen for the day.  They too went missing.  He found them completely outside the pen all huddled up.  This took an extensive search on his part.  He could not find how they got outside the pen fences.  They are fine as well.

Even during a family crisis (and we have had a major one), the chickens keep up with their antics.  There truly is never a dull moment at The Singleton Roost!

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