Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A Web full of Information

The World Wide Web can be a source of great information.  There are numerous websites for gaining information on the various breeds of chickens, their characteristics, and care.  Once you have chosen a breed to add to your flock or start your flock, research extensively BEFORE you buy if possible.  However, if you already own them it's never to late to learn.

"Google" your chosen breed(s).  There will be many pictures to view showing standards for each breed.  Each breed has a "standard of excellence" as many call it.  This will tell you what you need to look for in a particular breed and what you need to breed for as well.  There are many sites to suggest feed for certain breeds including plants and vegetables that are good for the chickens.  Flowering plants exist that will not only beautify your coop areas, but also be healthy for your chickens to snack on when they are allowed to range.  One such site that we have found particularly informative is  She shares wonderful advice, tips, projects and more on her site.  Another great site is  This site has forums that allow you to discuss things with other chicken owners.

Social media is another alternative for information.  Facebook has numerous groups for the different breeds of chickens, show and tell, selling and just discussion.  Go to Facebook and type in a specific breed in the search box.  Many groups will appear.  Click on a group to see what it's purpose is and to find out if it interests you.  Ask to join.  It's as simple as that.

Having Seramas, I have joined numerous groups about this breed.  One group that I find extremely helpful is "Serama Housing, Hatching, and Care"!  It is a wonderful group of Serama folks with a wealth of information.  Ask anything and they will be happy to offer guidance.  There are also Rare Breed groups and probably groups specific to your home area.  We are members of "East Texas Poultry Trades Day".  This group started to share information on our local East Texas Poultry Trades Day held twice a year in Gilmer, Texas.  We also allow buying and selling in the group.  Another wonderful group of very helpful folks.

Venture out and take advantage of the friendly people who have websites, blogs and more.  They are normally very willing to help.  Our website, is currently under construction but will be updated any day now.  We are always happy to help in any way possible.

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