Friday, July 29, 2016

Chickens, Who Knew?

I thought that raising chickens meant that you get some chickens and turn them loose and just feed them.  Then you just go gather up the eggs and - Voila - breakfast!  Boy was I naive!  Another surprise is that each chicken has it's own distinct personality.  Yes, I said personality!  Who knew?  Our brilliant idea of getting a few chickens to lay eggs and be eaten on occassion has grown into 203 Serama, 8 Phoenix, 53 Belgian Malines, 12 Jubilee Orpingtons, 8 Silver Laced Orpingtons, 12 Bantam Cochins, 4 Peafowl, 3 Ringneck Pheasants, 2 Lady Amherst Pheasants, 2 Chuckars, 13 Eastern Wild Turkeys, 6 Guineas (various colors), and a Partridge in a pear tree (not really), but 15 Silver Appleyard Ducks.  So much for just eggs and meat!  We own turkeys and guess what was for Thanksgiving dinner - you guessed it - HAM!  We now own around 400 new friends that we feed special (proprietary blend) feed so they stay happy and healthy.  We constantly build new pens and housing so they are warm or cool and dry!  We are not talking ratty old chicken pens either.  Our birds live in style.  I'm not sure how this all happened!  It's become somewhat of a blur!  I just know that they get the better part of each day and we have built in therapy!

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