Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I am a winner!

I have participated in many auctions over the years and occasionally I win the bid.  I cannot count the number of raffles I have participated in however!  I have not ever won a raffle - that is until a few days ago.  I saw a raffle come up on the Chicken Raffle Club page for 18+ Silkie hatching eggs from a breeder who has won several top awards for their birds.  Never thinking for one minute I would win, but holding out hope - I jumped right in and bought 4 numbers.  There weren't many numbers left, but I remembered the girl who bought the last number in a previous auction ended up winning.  I watched periodically to see when it filled up.  I then paid my money for the raffle and waited for everyone else to do the same.  I went on to church that evening and went on with my daily routine.  After church, I remembered that I needed to check on the raffle.  I looked in my notifications to see if there were any that would get me to the raffle page (lazy way of doing it I suppose).  There it was - a notification that I had indeed won the raffle.  I also received a message from the breeder needing my shipping information so that my eggs (did you read that - MY eggs that I WON - could be shipped out.  I was told Monday afternoon that I should receive them on Wednesday (today)!  First thing this morning the phone rang and it was the Post Office informing me that MY eggs that I WON were in fact there waiting on me to pick them up.  I could not cook breakfast fast enough (I had started it when the call came in or breakfast would have been late).  I also had an appointment to show some Seramas to a previous customer who wanted more.  She and her family came right after breakfast.  I always enjoy visits from customers!  They picked a pair that they wanted and we got their paperwork all done and they went on their way.  Anxiously I drove to the Post Office to retrieve my prize eggs!  We opened the box and the eggs were packed so well!  I had received 24 amazing hatching eggs!  I got a dozen Porcelain color, 6 white, and 6 buff.  I have unpacked them and let them rest a bit after all the shipping.  I will set them in my incubator this very afternoon and in 21 days I should be the proud owner of some amazing Silkie chicks.  The importance of this is that I WON, and also it gives me another blood line for my Silkie flock.  I will be adding pictures as they hatch in 21 days!  Stay tuned to see what I end up with!  I am so very anxious - like a kiddo waiting on Christmas.

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