Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Emmylou and the Easter Eggs

A short time before Easter, our two year old granddaughter, Emmylou, came for a visit.  As usual, she wanted to see the chickens, and feed the peacocks and turkeys.  There is not a lot that she wants and doesn't get around here, so we took her to the barn to see the birds.  First of all, she has now claimed all the Silkies as hers.  We got her a little blue "feed bucket" with a shovel to help her feed the birds (and use less of the meal worms).  She gathered up her bucket and off we went.  After a time, she decided she wanted to see the baby birds.  They are kept in aquariums in the barn bathroom for warmth.  We walked back into the barn and realized that an chick was hatching in the incubator.  Knowing how much she loves the baby chicks, we thought this would be a real treat for her.  She watched intently as the baby chick made it's way out of the egg.  She was so excited.  We took her back to the house to hang out and play until her parents arrived.  We had no idea the impact the chick hatching had on Emmylou.

My son and daughter in law had the family over to their place on Easter Sunday for lunch and an egg hunt for Emmylou.  The eggs were carefully stuffed with candy and "hidden" all over the yard.  Emmylou took her Easter basket and began to pick up eggs.  She would open them, look inside and throw the egg and the candy on the ground quickly moving to the next egg.  This puzzled us all because it's normally the candy she is after.  After opening a few eggs and throwing them down, she looked up at me puzzled and asked, "Where's the baby?".  She had been systematically opening each egg and discarding it and it's contents in search of a baby chick.  We have to be careful with our little ones because we never know what makes a lasting impression.  I was thrilled, to say the least, that she not only remembered the chick coming out of the egg, but was looking to find her own chick in those Easter eggs.

Emmylou is such a joy around our farm.  She is full of wonder and excitement.  She has no fear of our birds and they know when Emmylou shows up - so do the mealworms!

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